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Bundesbank sees inflation rising to 10%

In its monthly economic report, the Bundesbank expects Germany's economy to slip into recession this winter, while inflation is expected to keep climbing, peaking at 10 percent in the autumn. It is not difficult to understand that the Bundesbank has such a prediction. Germany's energy is heavily dependent on Russia's natural gas supply. Since the Russia-Ukraine incident, the supply of Russian natural gas to Western Europe has become quite unstable, which is hindering the industrial development of Germany, and also due to the increase in natural gas prices, which has pushed up the local inflation rate. Just take the price of natural gas in Europe, a year ago, the price of natural gas in Europe was about 46 MWh, today it is 276, an increase of 500%. This can be felt the pressure faced by Germany. As the leader of the European economy, Germany's economy will fall into recession as expected by the Bundesbank, that is, the eurozone economy will inevitably fall into recession.
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