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U.S. GDP Growth In The Third Quarter Was Only 2%

U.S. GDP Growth In The Third Quarter Was Only 2%

The US gross domestic product (GDP) in the third quarter grew by only 2% on a quarter-on-quarter basis, far below market expectations of 2.7%, and has slowed sharply from 6.7% in the second quarter, the slowest growth rate since the pandemic. Mainly affected by negative factors such as the fading of government stimulus measures, the spread of the Delta virus epidemic, and the bottleneck of the global supply chain. Among them, personal consumption has slowed sharply from an increase of 12% in the second quarter to only 1.6%, indicating that the stimulus effect of relief measures is rapidly fading. In the same period, the Fed’s inflation figure, the core personal consumption expenditure deflator (PCE) in the third quarter, increased by 4.5% quarter-on-quarter, down 1.6 percentage points from the previous value, in line with market expectations. The slowdown in US economic growth was greater than market expectations, and the core PCE also declined, which helped alleviate market concerns about the Fed or accelerate the pace of tightening. The U.S. exchange rate was immediately under pressure and tested the 50-antenna support of about 93.3.

United States GDP Growth Rate

Source: tradingeconomics.com

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