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The U.S. Federal Reserve maintains all monetary policies unchanged

The U.S. Federal Reserve maintains all monetary policies unchanged

After the interest rate meeting, the U.S. Federal Reserve maintained all monetary policies unchanged as expected. The interest rate statement stated that although inflation has risen, it mainly reflects temporary factors, and the overall financial situation remains accommodative. It also reiterated that the current interest rate will be maintained until full employment and inflation is expected to moderately exceed the 2% target for a period of time. Although the Delta variant of the new crown virus may pose a threat to economic growth, the bureau believes that the U.S. economic distance has made progress in reducing the scale of debt purchases, and will continue to review it several times in the future. 

About 20% of New Zealand's population has been vaccinated against the new crown

According to data from the New Zealand Department of Health, as of last Tuesday (20th), more than 1.55 million doses of the new crown vaccine were vaccinated in the local area, of which about 924,000 people received one dose, accounting for about 18.8% of the total population. About 628,000 people completed the vaccination, accounting for about 12.8% of the total population. Although New Zealand's vaccination rate is lagging behind, it is mainly affected by the shortage of vaccine supply in the first half of the year. It is reported that 1.5 million doses of mRNA Covid-19 vaccine will be shipped from the United States in early August, which is expected to increase the local vaccination rate and reduce the risk of an outbreak.

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