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The two parties in the U.S. have big differences in governance

The two parties in the U.S. have big differences in governance

According to Bloomberg's quotation, Senator Romney, the Republican of the United States, opposes the increase in funding for water utilities proposed by the Democratic Senate leader Schumer, which is a violation of the consensus reached by the two parties on the infrastructure plan. Biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan has been in a stalemate since reaching a consensus with the Republican Party at the end of June. If it is still not passed this week, it may be necessary to wait for the adjournment of Congress in September before continuing. The twists and turns of the US infrastructure plan and the continuous shrinking of the amount highlights that the two parties still have big political differences.

Silver plummeted to $25

Although the U.S. dollar index fell on Tuesday (July 27), the price of silver still fell sharply that day, slumping to the $25.00/ounce mark. Investors are currently waiting for the Fed's decision, which is expected to trigger market conditions again. Analysts pointed out that if the price of silver falls below the important area of US$24.75-25 per ounce, the market outlook will face the risk of a further plunge. The Fed's monthly meeting has already started on Tuesday and will continue until Wednesday. It is expected to keep the benchmark interest rate close to zero, and then Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will hold a press conference. Investors will pay attention to whether the Fed will send a signal to reduce debt purchases.

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